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Date : 2020-11-23
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 >> Shipping time is after event.
 >> It takes long time for shipping to abroad now due to shipping situation, stock situation and many orders. We are not responsible for any shipping ploblem(delay, etc..) Please understanding.

The recipient will be held responsible for import duties and taxes.
 >> Please order this item only.
 If order with other items, The order will be canceled.

 >> 1 order on 1 applicant. Don't mixed different applicant in same order.

 >> Please write full name of Passport on applicant name form. Passport is necessary for Identification.
 >> Application are applied when this payment finished. There are the case of payment pending on Paypal sometimes. 
 >> Not Available cancel order and refund item/shipping fee.

BAE173 1st Mini Album [INTERSECTION: SPARK] Video Call Event

[EVENT application guide]

Event schedule | Friday, November 27 20:00

How to apply |  During the application period, 30 people from the [BAE173 1st Mini Album INTERSECTION: SPARK] product purchasers for the application will be drawn at the Music Korea Online Mall.

Application period | November 24 (Tue) 10:00 ~ November 26 (Thu) 20:00

Sellers |

Announcement of winners | Announcement on the winners' bulletin board in the Korean version of Music Korea online mall at 22:00 on Thursday, November 26th

[EVENT Progress Guide]

1. This event is conducted only with the video call function of the KakaoTalk application, so please be sure to prepare a mobile phone for the application.

 -Video calls will be conducted sequentially according to the event time.

 -Please check the order of the winners through the announcement before the video call event starts.

 -Prior to sending video calls to the winners on the day, we plan to provide advance information through Kakao Talk.

 -If you try to connect the phone more than once but do not answer it, the event will not proceed. Please check the event time and answer the phone.

2. Video calls are made by each member in order, and the screen automatically moves to the next member after the scheduled call time.

 -If the winner does not end the phone, the phone may be forcibly terminated.

 -Please note that it is not possible to proceed if you are not the winner or if more than two people participate.

 -You cannot record, record, or broadcast live through SNS during a call.

 -If the connection is unstable or disconnected due to the winner's own network environment, the event may be difficult to proceed, so please check your network environment in advance.

3. For smooth progress, please refrain from sending calls and messages to the destination.

[Common EVENT precautions]

: Purchase related

 -Product/delivery fees purchased for application cannot be exchanged or refunded.

 -Only orders that have been paid for within the application period will be automatically entered.

: Application related

 1. Only applicants will collect personal information (name/contact information/date of birth/kakaotalk ID) required for video calls and signing at the time of purchase.

 2. Duplicate purchases for event application are possible. However, this event can only be called by the person who has won, and entrant information cannot be modified or transferred. Responsibility for the damage caused by the transfer is entirely with the party, and If you are not the winner, video calls and events are not allowed, so please be careful when applying.

 3. Payment can be made by the agent when applying for the event, but the organizers, including Music Korea, are not responsible for any problems arising from this.

 4. If you order multiple items with the same entrant information during the event period, they will be added up and applied automatically at the same number of times as the total purchased quantity.

 5. For this event, a lottery will be held based on the applicant information entered at the time of purchase. (If the orderer and applicant are different, the lottery will be drawn only with the applicant information entered at the time of ordering)

 6. The applicant's name must be in the English full name on the passport. Only the winner can participate, and if it is not their real name, participation in the event is not possible (passport required for identification)

 7. Personal information of winners is collected and provided as follows for the operation and management of events related to the Personal Information Protection Act (lottery drawing and product delivery, etc.).

          [Consent to collection, consignment, use guide and provision of personal information]

           Persons to whom personal information is provided: Music Korea, Pocketdoll Studio, Kakao M

           Purpose of use: event operation and management

           Collection items: name, date of birth, contact information, KakaoTalk ID

           Usage period: Until the event ends and the purpose of use is achieved

 8. The signed CD provided to the winners of this event is an event in which one of the albums purchased by the winner is provided as a signed CD.

 9. Video calls can be made only with the applicant's contact information and KakaoTalk ID provided at the time of ordering, and the video call time is the same for all winners.

 10. We ask for your cooperation for smooth event progress. Participation may be restricted if the content of the call is judged to be inappropriate or excessively interferes with the progress of the event.

 11. For smooth event progress, post-it and PS are not conducted, only the name and autograph of the winner.

 12. Please note that this event may change or cancel the event time without prior notice due to the artist's schedule.

 13. For detailed inquiries regarding this event, please contact Music Korea. (031-946-8210 /

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